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Committed to easing your junk-related pain, Junk Jaws is here to haul your waste away at mind-blowing prices! Call us any day for high quality junk removal in Chicago, IL.



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    Locally Owned

    Family Owned & Operated

    At Junk Jaws, we’re levels above your average Chicago waste removal company. Why, you ask? We’re a local, family-owned business that cares for your needs like no other! On top of adjusting to your schedule and circumstances, our team does it with smiles. In the end, you’ll get a bargain for high quality junk removal in Chicago, IL that’s all about you!

    Additionally, our guys are dedicated to disposing of waste in the most eco-friendly manner possible. Therefore, anything that’s in reusable condition will get donated or recycled! Make a difference for the betterment of the environment while saving time and stress by working with our friendly haulers.

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    Chicago Area

    Junk Removal Services In Chicago And Surrounding Suburbs

    Thanks to the trusty Junk Jaws crew, there’s no need to stress when you have junk in Chicago, IL! Junk Jaws is a premier Chicago-based junk removal company offering a range of services for your conveniences. Whether you need a sofa or small knick knacks removed from your space, our junk removal services in Chicago, IL got you covered! More importantly, our team provides prompt and professional service that never misses a beat.

    Although we specialize in junk removal in Chicago, we don’t stop there! Thriving on serving friendly neighbors like yourself, our pros cater to a variety of other surrounding areas. That includes Bloomington, River Forest, and several other nearby suburbs! Check other locations here. 

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    Same-Day Service

    Swift Solutions: Same-Day Junk Removal Services

    Understanding the quick rhythm of life in Chicago IL, and its surroundings, The Junk Jaws offers same-day junk removal services, epitomizing our commitment to your urgent needs for a decluttered space. Our team is always on standby, ready to address your junk removal needs with speed and agility, ensuring that your space is promptly returned to its pristine condition.

    This swift service is particularly beneficial for last-minute cleanouts, emergency decluttering, or when you’re preparing for an unexpected event. Our same-day service ensures that you won’t have to wait to get your space back to its best, providing instant relief and satisfaction. We also ensure that all disposed items are considered for donation or recycling, supporting community initiatives and sustainability.

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  • Restaurant

    Appliance Removal

    Why Choose Junk Jaws For Appliance Removal?

    Moving heavy appliances can be risky and may lead to injury. Our trained team has extensive experience in safely removing all kinds of appliances. We ensure proper disposal, recycling, or donation of your unwanted appliances, adhering to environmental standards.

    Worried about costs? Junk Jaws offers competitive, volume-based pricing without hidden fees, making professional appliance removal surprisingly affordable.

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  • Junk180 HOA Service

    Office Cleanouts

    Chicago’s Office Cleanout Specialists

    As a family-owned and locally operated business, Junk Jaws is deeply embedded in the Chicago community. We’re committed to enhancing your business environment while contributing to the city’s cleanliness and sustainability.

    Beyond office cleanouts, our services extend to comprehensive junk removal, including electronics recycling, document shredding, and more, ensuring your office cleanout needs are fully covered.

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    Construction Debris

    Why Our Construction Debris Removal Services?

    Construction junk removal is no easy feat, especially when you’re already dealing with a bunch of other responsibilities. Are you honestly expected to gather the materials, put together the structure, and clean up the mess? By letting Junk Jaws handle the removal and disposal of construction debris, you’ll save lots of time, as well as energy. Besides, it’s our pleasure to serve you! We’ll happily take away all sorts of waste, including drywall, lumber, scrap metal, tiles, shingles, and more!

    Here’s the kicker: our construction debris removal cost blows the competition out of the water. That’s because, as a local business, we don’t have to pay expensive franchise fees. We don’t add hidden fees to your bill, either! Instead, you’ll just pay a fair, volume-based amount. No nonsense, and no surcharges!

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Featured Items

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    • Appliance
    • Carpet Removal
    • Concrete Removal
    • Construction Debris
    • Couches and Sofas
    • Deck Removal
    • Eviction Cleanouts
    • Fence Removal
    • Fridges and Freezers
    • Garage Cleanouts
    • General Junk Items
    • HOA Services
    • Home Cleanouts
    • Junk Removal
    • Mattresses and Beds
    • Moving Junk Removal
    • Piano Removal
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    • Pool Demolition
    • Property Management
    • Real Estate Service
    • Scrap Metal Removal
    • Shed Removal
    • And More…

How The Process Works


Of course, you’ll first need to schedule a junk removal appointment. You can do that by reaching out over-the-phone or choosing a time slot online that works for you!

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At the time of your appointment, our haulers will arrive promptly, greeting you with happy smiles! Before getting down to the nitty gritty of your service, however, they’ll give you a free quote based on your volume of junk.

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All that’s left for you to do is approve that quote. Once you do that, our team will know to begin the junk hauling process! They’ll quickly pick up all your junk items so that they may be loaded up and disposed of properly.

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Responsible Eco-Friendly Junk Removal

At Junk Jaws Removal, we are committed to responsible and eco-friendly junk removal practices. We understand the importance of minimizing our environmental footprint while efficiently clearing your space of unwanted items. Our dedicated team employs eco-conscious methods, including recycling, donation, and proper disposal techniques, to ensure that as much of your junk as possible is diverted from landfills. By choosing Alabama Junk Removal, you can trust that your clutter is being handled with care and consideration for the planet, leaving you with a cleaner conscience and a cleaner environment.



Eco Friendly Junk Jaws Removal

We want to keep junk out of landfills, so we donate and recycle!


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